Italian Plum Jam

The question was asked. A neighbor with a fruit-bearing tree and fruit that could be wasted. What shall I make with the Italian plums so ripe that they’re no longer suitable for snacking? Plum ice cream? Plum crisp? Plum pie for Little Jack Horner even though it’s a bit early? Italian plum jam? Yes, but … More Italian Plum Jam

Cinnamon Apple Pecan Crisp with Plum & Nectarine Compote Ice Cream

Two sour nectarines and two sour plums plus lemon, cinnamon and sugar simmered into a lovely compote, chilled and what have you got? ¬†Well, experimental ice cream. Four kinds of apples, definitely organic, no pesticides, a few creepy crawlies (which have now found themselves at their new home in the compost) and it’s time to … More Cinnamon Apple Pecan Crisp with Plum & Nectarine Compote Ice Cream

Sourdough Saturday: Flatbread & Walnut Sticks

Two sourdough starters in the fridge need regular tending, so with a bit of this and that in the fridge I decided to bake three items. The sourdough flatbread was first spread with warm, just-caramelized yellow onions, a bit of ham pieces and crumbled cheddar-jack left from one of the protein snacks. Notice the attention … More Sourdough Saturday: Flatbread & Walnut Sticks

Composting: A Rant

In the city of Seattle, food waste is not allowed in the rubbish nor are recyclable items. Food waste joins lawn and garden waste in a big plastic bin collected every week on the same day as the rubbish, in a separate truck and for a different destination. Seattle composts, mostly citywide, but there are … More Composting: A Rant