Eggplant and Potato Korma

The Basics

“Spice against what ails ya,” said Tony, a family friend who had a well-loved pizza parlor over on the Kitsap side of Puget Sound, as he put hot peppers all over his slice, folded it in half and ate it. Many times since then I’ve followed his advice for prevention, palliation and, some would say, cure. Even if nothing ails me, I like heat and use it in many dishes.

Today, these spices and a few more. IMG_3206

There was a special on eggplants yesterday and the minute I saw them, the thought of trying an eggplant and potato korma set the saliva glands off and running. In the top photo, the roasted-in-olio eggplant cubes are stage right, but they’re the center of this dish. Using my annotated recipe for Egg Korma* as the foundation — but leaving out the eggs — and simmering the roasted vegetables in the korma sauce for long enough to break down the eggplant skins, this was the reward for taking a long route to a dish rather than shortcuts.

Eggplant and Potato Korma

Tonight with Basmati rice (and Formula 1 practice.) Tomorrow there will be naan. Not “none,” but “naan.”

And, the attempted art shot with perfect long-grained Basmati rice:




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