Baking Experiments as Therapy, Example 2: Bran & Fruit Muffins with Molasses Caramel

juliyya’s Bran & Fruit Muffins with Molasses Caramel Atop

Example 2 in the short series of baking as therapy for struggling with someone trying to get in my front door is another variation on a known and an unknown. Bran muffins with banana, raisins and dried cranberries are tasty. It is known by bran muffin lovers worldwide.

Molasses caramels are also tasty, and molasses is lovely in bran muffins. I had some leftover caramels from Christmas baking. I added a bit of cream and found that molasses caramel sauce does indeed taste lovely baked on top of the muffins. It’s gooey and also boiled over the edge of the muffins and down some of them and all over the muffin tin … and the oven. Oh goody, I get to clean the muffin pan AND the oven. (But yay! for the red silicone scraper that quickly got all the caramel off those places I hadn’t intended it to go in the first place.)

Next time the molasses caramel will not be diluted, but a chunk pushed into the batter and covered. Just another way of skipping the extra butter on a muffin. You could do it too.

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