Why no divinity candy? Rot on Roof.

Flat roof, rotting leaves = high indoor humidity

My boldest self got out the Stanley 12′ measuring tape, calculated the distance to the roof between the tip of my hand holding a camera and the top of a chair with a booster on it, then climbed up and took this pic. Landlord’s refusal to make this place safe? I’m providing assistance to county and state agencies which will be enforcing his compliance with rental housing law. He’s got 24 units all over the county. This one will be empty at month’s end. Why no fluffy Divinity at Christmas? Humidity in this draughty, damp place. Even with oven and dehumidifier, too high for divinity.

Posts will be few until I get situated, sorry. My New Year’s resolution? Adapt. See how I did that? Tied cooking with a lousy landlord.

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