Monday Football Leftover Eggplant Parm, Pan-crunched Garlic Bread

So, remember the soft version of the two garlic bread variations I prepared last Friday, the one smeared with fresh garlic in a bit of melted butter and then warmed in tin foil in the oven? I don’t like soggy leftover bread, but that roasted garlic artisan bread was too good not to be appreciated yet again, but crunchy.

Put the small black cast iron frying pan on medium low heat, didn’t even wait for it to heat up, put the two slices into the pan, popped on a lid, set timer for 5 minutes, flipped them in 5, turned off pan and set timer for 3 more minutes.
Three minutes to microwave leftover serving of the eggplant parm. Four minutes to the tray in front of the telly. Way to go.
Mmm, ready for some football
Mmm, ready for some football

You could do this too. ❤

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