Amoretti Macaroons – A Gluten-Free Cookie

Not long ago, I bought almond and coconut flour along with erythritol so I’d be inclined to use them and learn about preparing gluten-free and sugar-free goodies. I made sugar-free raspberry syrup for a diabetic friend for his birthday. I used some coconut flour in addition to all-purpose flour in a quick bread, but these cookies were my introduction to gluten-free delights. They were very simple to make but, since I didn’t know how they’d turn out and there was not a bit of regular flour in them, I made only nine and presented them to my Chinese lady friends at a Mahjongg session. They ooo’d and aaaah’d. When I had one cookie, having given away the rest, I was in Heaven because I love almond desserts as long as the almond isn’t over the top. They’ve joined my almond cookie repertoire now.

It sounds like shin-gren in Chinese. Lady Lolita VandenBug doesn’t care how I say it. She approves.

I made another small batch last week to test their Best By date. How many days are they good? They’re lovely warm on day one, crunchy and very chewy, texture of a coconut macaroon but without the coconut. I wrapped a couple for each of day two and three. Both days they were a bit more difficult to bite but still chewy and quite delicious if one likes almond. I decided they would probably be hard as rocks on day four, if there had been a day four, but would have needed dipping into tea. Since I’d made them smaller than the first batch, I’ve decided to try them again this week and make them bigger to see if it makes a difference on their Use By date. Meanwhile:

Most difficult part of the process? Rolling sticky dough in sugar to get the crackles. But, ummm-ummm.

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