Bee Happy with Wildflower Honey Caramels

The proof: empty deep pot, candy thermometer, organic wildflower honey, caramel set to cool on buttered parchment, Bee Happy

With a birthday coming up of a granddaughter of my late friend known as Auntie Maria, and with a tin I’d found awhile ago awaiting the filling with photographs and a goody, I set about making and wrapping caramels as a treat for her.

Little Maria gave me the adorable glass bee, hereinafter called Bee Happy, and where else should she sit?

Personally, I think making the caramels with sugar, honey, heavy cream, butter and salt (and NO corn syrup) is the easy part. The harder and much more time consuming part is cutting wax paper of the correct size, then cutting the caramel and wrapping the individual pieces. Honestly, I considered just sending a couple slabs in the tin and letting the birthday girl cut off pieces to eat whenever, but in the end, I wrapped. There were a few pieces left for me to try with a cookie idea. Report on that will follow.

There they are, being cut and wrapped. Bee Happy and Lady Lolita VandenBug approved.

USPS Priority Mail informed me that the birthday package was delivered on Thursday for the Saturday birthday of an amazing and talented woman, wife and mother, rancher and now also a specialist in training dogs for very important missions. I wish her the happiest birthday.

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