Happy 4th & Happy 92nd Birthday to My Mum

Crookies & Toasted Coconut Butter Cookies

Happy Independence Day, today, July 4th, the night when the folks where I live wish that the fireworks were at Gasworks Park with the helicopter flying the flag over a searchlight instead of in the street in the late, late night and early morning. The wish is not granted but that doesn’t stop the abundance of booms causing some folks to take their Irish Wolfhounds to another city, out in the country, to miss the noise.

My mother’s birthday is on Tuesday the 6th and as usual I baked, packed and mailed cookies for her to share and hide. This year there were four types, but only three show in the photo. Three? Yes, because one of them is my new and approved Crookie with the brownie on the bottom and a chewy chocolate chunk on top instead of chocolate shards. The others were Peanut Butter Butter Cookie (not shown, all gone) and Toasted Coconut Butter Cookies. She’ll hide the latter in a dresser drawer as soon as she’s had one of them.

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