When one gets a Mesij from Caryor Pishon, one makes Leftover Cake


I received an envelope with a card and a two-page story from the 8 year-old girl in whose honor the character of Pinky arose along with Pinky’s Grasshopper Cupcake. (If I didn’t mention it already, Pinky is attracted to frostings.) The young lady and her sister have created critters to join Lady Lolita VandenBug and Crook McBirdie in stories, and today she sent me the beginning of a story to be shared in future.

The envelope tells me that the card and message are being delivered by carrier pigeon, as can be seen clearly in new spelling, where if it makes sense, it’s good and the writer can speedily complete a task without interruption caused by dictionaries and interrogation of older folks. She made the whole gift in about 15 minutes of concentrated effort as a thank you for Pinky’s cupcakes, which were indeed well-received by all who had one of them.

There was a huge velvety carpet of petite pansies at the girls’ house.

Since I had a plan to make Leftover Cake and one of the intended cupcake recipients gave hers up because she saw the look of longing in the eyes of the person who asked her if she wanted it, I thawed the 8″ (leftover) cake I made out of half the same chocolate cake batter and warmed the leftover Peppermint Cream Jones frosting and leftover dark chocolate ganache. As can be seen, the Spidey McSpider (a black widow spider critter with only one red diamond and who wears red stilettos on all eights, created by this same girl when she was a 6 year-old) decorated the cake to attract Pinky, but the trap did not succeed. There will be a science fair exhibit in two years explaining the reason.

Bee Happy.

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