Celebrate Fall? Baked Jonagolds with Caramel Rum Ice Cream

Baked Jonagold Apple with Dried Cranberries

I was gifted with a piano tuning and some hand-picked, organic, Mount Vernon-grown Jonagold apples. There’s nothing quite as pleasant on a rainy fall day as a warm house with the aroma of something delicious baking in the oven. Those three points are related.

Today, while raking up another huge pile of those autumn leaves during a break in our “scattered showers” (so the leaves from last night don’t get into the storm drain when we get a stormy storm tomorrow), my oven was on 375, the center shelf with a square glass baking dish with five Jonagold apples filled with a mix of brown sugar, dried cranberries and butter. Also, last night I made a small batch of caramel rum ice cream as a go-with for what I thought would be a perfect afternoon treat.

Warm baked apple and melting ice cream

See? The story is short. My piano has needed tuning for years and someone who hears it often called Blind Mike, the famous piano tuner who lives locally, and set an appointment for him and his lovely sighted companion to come over today. I cannot have visitors without offering something, and if the visit is more than a cup of coffee or tea, then I must bake something. It’s just how I am. This was delightfully received by all. I haven’t eaten mine yet, the last one, but am looking forward to it later.

They’re pretty on the trees, all those autumn leaves.

I’m also very much looking forward to playing my tuned piano, turning on the mic and singing something bluesy.

True Updater: This morning there was a knock on my door. “Flour delivery.”

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