In the kitchen with juliyya: Bake Sailing with Chocolate Cupcakes and Queen’s Crown Cookies

Adding value to cupcakes and cookies with sprinkles & candy

It was the real deal this past weekend, the 4-H bake sale for a charity, so we got busy with butter and sugars and such. There were eggless chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream to decorate with sprinkles in enough variations to cause little children to argue over who gets the pink, the chocolate, the rainbow dots or the little blue candy eggs. I left the decorating choices and card-making to my junior helper.

That’s right, folks. Queen’s Crown Cookies.

Topping a crunchy peanut butter cookie with a peanut butter cup adds value and increases saleability at a bake sale, but leaving a few without the candy is wise since there are people who don’t actually like chocolate, and we wanted to offer a choice. My kitchen companion renamed the cookie due to the shape of the candy before it melted on the cookie while baking. She’s right. They look a bit like crowns.

Beauty in my little friend’s garden

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