Orange Cream Custard Cake, Seattle, Not Boston, but with Chocolate

Orange Cream Custard Cake, Seattle Version

Yesterday when I offered cake to people who’d also never had custard cake*, one said that she used to love Boston Cream Pie. Me, too, both the original and some variations unBostonly. However, chocolate draws, so I made a small batch today of the same cake as yesterday with two exceptions: doubling the orange extract and stirring up an easy dark fudge icing. Lovely round dish on square pedestal shows tasty bite.

*Recipe is here:

I put the topping on while both it and the custard cake were warm. Cake had been out of the oven for 15 minutes when I poured it on and spread it about. Refrigerated for two hours before the photo, so it wasn’t cold, cold yet, but nevermind.

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