Drunk Rum Raisin Ice Cream

Brown sugar and eggs, beaten fluffy, raisins & rum ladled out of jar

My daughter’s favorite ice cream is rum raisin. I invented the cookie I call Rum Raisin Jones around those rum-drunk raisins, and I decided during the Christmas bake that I’d have a go at making rum raisin ice cream without an ice cream maker, using the same freezing process used for the summer fruit creams.

I found a recipe but didn’t follow it precisely, using some of those rummed-up raisins instead of soaking them in orange juice as the recipe suggested.

Golden Raisins, drunk with rum love

My summer fruit ice creams are not custard-based. They are more fruit than cream. This recipe has a cup of raisins in it, so technically it’s a fruit ice cream, but it is custard-based using brown sugar and eggs whipped to a golden fluffiness before the addition of hot creams and about 10 minutes stirring on low heat. The custard is chilled, the raisins and rum added and the freezing-stirring-add whipped cream process results in a lovely, smooth ice cream with drunk raisins.

juliyya’s Drunk Rum Raisin Ice Cream

Next time I will not use drunk raisins, but will soak them in fresh orange juice and stick to adding the rum to the cream. People who like the taste of drunk raisins, though, if they like rum raisin ice cream, would definitely like this version. Nevertheless, a bowl of it will go well with the Seattle Seahawks game.

1/8/17 update:  Much better with the raisins hydrated with orange juice. I left them in the fresh juice overnight and made a fresh batch today. A bowl with the Golden Globes was just the Sunday ticket.

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