Tray of Goodies, Really.

Tray of my freshly-made goodies, hand-carried to office

It’s all about the photo, really, of samples from the tins full of goodies I’ve made in the last three days. In order, from the left including my own recipes:  my Crookies, Peanut Butter Fudge, Haystacks, my Rum Raisin Joneses, my Peppermint Cream Joneses, my Chocolate Mint Chews, my Coconut Butter Cookies with Seattle Seahawks’ colors, and the Caramel Pecan Candy with Chocolate Topping. I ran out of room, so samples of everything I’ve made didn’t make the tray, but there was definitely enough for 20 who chose carefully by looking at the posts here for each of the offerings — since most are not typical Christmas cookies — and then popping over to my daughter’s desk for the choice/choices. It was a great day to deliver.

0 thoughts on “Tray of Goodies, Really.

  1. Hello Ms Chef in Seattle. Your Ms Maria shared one of your “brookies” with me. It was deliciously YUM! Thank you for sharing your baking goodness with us. Happy holidays and bon apetite!


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