j’s Bubble & Squeak for Squawks

Potato, Cheesy Spicy Brussel Sprouts & a Bit of Dressing – patties in a pan

The Brits have a food tradition which fits very well with leftovers from Thanksgiving, or, in my case, from the Apple Cup Dinner. Bubble & Squeak begins with a mix of leftover mashed potatoes, some sort of vegetable but often brussel sprouts or cabbage, and a medium hot pan with a pat of butter just melting. Eight minutes a side and you know it’s a crunchy and soft bit of savory delight. Some like gravy or hot sauce.

My version of Bubble & Squeak includes a small amount of chopped leftover dressing as well as the mash and brussel sprouts. It was extra yummy this year due to the gruyere and bacon in the sprouts. I left off the gravy and condiments.

Bubble & Squeak 2016, side of napkin ring by 8 year-old

I made these specifically to enjoy with the Seahawks game this afternoon. It had been concluded that the Lucky Brussel Sprouts* were a better predictor of the Apple Cup victors than the Woodland Park Zoo’s performing raccoon since my University of Washington Huskies won on Friday.

Early this morning, my favorite racing driver to win this year, Nico Rosberg, clinched the 2016 Formula 1 Driver Championship in secular, democratic Abu Dhabi, also on account of the sprouts since the race was down to the wire.

Unfortunately, everybody doesn’t like brussel sprouts. Seahawks had lousy day.



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