Apple Cup Dinner: Lucky Brussel Sprouts

Spicy, Cheesy Brussel Sprouts

My University of Washington Huskies won the Apple Cup today, a delirious win over the Washington State Cougars, and I think the win may very well have been due to a dish of spicy, cheesy brussel sprouts rather than mere excellent play on the field.

Here’s the story. Yesterday I watched the video of a lady raccoon at the Woodland Park Zoo, as part of a tradition for which she is trained, prance about on a stage, picking up balls or apples or something quite round and colorful, place them in or near the football helmets of both teams for a bit and then dash back into her apartment. Fans of the Huskies or the Cougars may be joyful, despondent or disbelieving at the results when it’s their helmet with the most balls.

Well, she “picked” the Cougars yesterday and I said, “Nope. I think the fact that my niece-in-law provided a new recipe for brussel sprouts with cayenne, gruyere and bacon is a signal of good things to come, so Huskies will win.”

Sure enough, at 12:30 this afternoon I served the Apple Cup Dinner (which would have been Thanksgiving dinner had it been yesterday) with the bubbling, new and scrumptious treatment of the vegetable we usually roast with olive oil and lemon pepper in a cast iron pan. Huskies won.

Next up, I would prefer the leftovers to secure the results I would like in the season-ending Formula 1 race in Abu Dhabi on Sunday, so my favorite driver this year will close with his first championship. Then there’s Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, that one, too, while I’m bestowing the charms of brussel sprouts.

And some fruit for dessert:

Still life signed Rathbun, 1980

Many Washingtonians expect to enjoy their Thanksgiving dinner leftovers with the Apple Cup. We’re just a day late. I’m grateful for that since I had leftovers with DVRd Formula 1 qualifying from secular, democratic Abu Dhabi.

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