And today … Royal Velvet Lavender Caramels in the pan

Lavender sugar in a very deep pot, starting to melt

Yep, it was the lavender sugar in the jar, infused since St. Patrick’s day and ready for cookies or caramels for the Christmas goody tins, made the answer to the question — what kind of caramels this year? — easy. Lavender is most definitely one of those yes-please or no-thank-you flavors, and for several people on my annual goody gift list, it’s a yes-please! For the newbies on the list this year, I will let them express that preference before I put some in their tins.

Caramelizing has truly begun. Cream is on simmer in another pan.

Did you know that lavender has health benefits? The mere fragrance of lavender offers a calming influence and a pleasant drift into sleep. The caramels offer something to the sweet tooth, too.


And now, onward with wrapping bites of fudges while the caramel cools. 100’s of pieces of freshly-cut waxed paper must be filled with goodies today, and at least one batch of cookie dough made and put in the fridge overnight.

Ah, finito. 

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