New! Hershey’s puts out new Kiss. I make a new cookie. Candy Cane Snicks.

Hershey’s Candy Cane Kisses. See the little stars? The new Snick is a star, too, with these in the middle of crunchy cookie.

I went looking for my favorite Hershey’s Kisses for Christmas baking, those with dark chocolate covering a mint cream truffle. I couldn’t find them but spied the new (to me, anyway) Candy Cane Kisses and said “Yes, please. I can see a new cookie this year in my Snick line.” The dough has a hint of peppermint, not overwhelming at all, and a Kiss in the middle. Welcome to the collection of my special Snicks. They tested very well with neighbors and I enjoyed one, too.

Prep, prep, prep. Unwrapping from foil, to be wrapped in dough.
Candy Cane Snicks make their debut, rolled in my Secret Snick Sauce.

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