Christmas Goodies in Tins, Star well-earned

Christmas Goodies in tins, ready for lids

Well, here’s the first set of tins full of cookies and candies ready to make their way to … this person and that person and this family and that family. Fourteen, that’s 14, [Update upon looking at actual list: 16] different offerings this year, even though every gifted tin will not have them all. Sorry. Some don’t travel well and some need to be kept in the fridge, but there’s still PLENTY.

This tin, plus another with more goodies, for Todd

and because I would like lovers everywhere of goodies and romance and Christmas cheer to hear this lovely song I wrote, and even though I’ve posted it before, I don’t want my dear readers to have to hunt it up:

Link    Christmas with You

A pretty one for Fred, David and Darcy at Roger’s Marketplace

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