Birthday Surprises

3 cookies for the Birthday Surprises (one more not yet made, but very boring to photograph)

As I said in the previous post, I’m sending birthday surprises to my sweet, sweet sister-in-law who never reads this blog so she won’t see this and the surprise will not be spoiled. These three surprises are all my originals and include Golden Lemon Butter Cookies, the new Lemon Vanilla Spring Sprinkles Snicks and the almost-new Chocolate Silk Toffee Chews. I’m also making some Peanut Butter Graham Sandwich cookies in a little while to add to the mix. Remember those from childhood, all you oldies? Peanut butter frosting sandwiched in between a couple graham crackers, left to “mellow” for a day or so. My stepbrother is fond of peanut butter and dark chocolate, so I send a couple types he favors.

Three of four.
Always included with my cookies: handwritten notes with Lady Lolita VandenBug seal of approval.

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