In the virtual kitchen with juliyya: Chocolate Chip Chews with health benefits

Dry-roasted macadamia nuts, Amarena cherry chunks & chocolate chips

Some may ask what health benefits could be in a chocolate chip cookie? The obvious health benefit is that most (all in my kitchen!) are made with semi-sweet chocolate chips. Dark chocolate has been scientifically proven (I believe in science!) to contain powerful antioxidants and may reduce some common health risks. Do a web search if you doubt.

There are also health benefits in adding dried fruits and nuts as well as the fact that they provide additional flavor and texture.

However, today the main health benefit of baking remotely with the children relates to mental health. It’s that little leap over “Stay at Home, Stay Safe” which we’re observing here in Seattle per Governor Jay Inslee’s rules for the COVID-19 pandemic!

Spring chicken!

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