It’s a wrap. Merry Christmas on the way.

Tins packed with goodies for a few families.

Two mailed and here’s the rest, ready for delivery Saturday, the day after the full moon and solstice. Gonna deck the halls of my grand-niece’s birthday party with a big platter of the cookie balls not in these tins. She’s now 11 and we will be meeting for the first time in the morning. We’re both excited about that, but I have to dash back home after meeting her and my niece with tins of goodies, no time to chit-chat with a complicated birthday cake to make for an evening party.

Choices, so many choices

There’s vanilla Snicks with Kisses, their frozen dough whisked onto a cookie sheet and baked today. There’s also three kinds of fudge, some lavender caramels, peanut butter & honey cookies, coconut dream bars, cinnamon spice butter cookies and fennel mini-teacakes.


Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it.

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