When A Birthday Cake Is A Big Cupcake, and Lights Get Wavy


The 22nd of November is the birthday of my friend and fellow cat enthusiast. Last year I missed the actual date, so it doesn’t count. Since then I found that she likes chocolate cupcakes with white frosting, so I made a big one with two layers and found some decadent Belgian chocolate nonpareils to act as polka dots and sprinkles.


The neighborhood is on a birthday cake merry-go-round this week because there are three birthdays and I’m having some baking fun. Also, last night several of us were treated to the pre-opening of the annual Woodland Park Zoo WildLights. I got my heart’s content of wavy light photos, my favorite nighttime shots. Some of us rode on the carousel, some twice.


The children and a good number of adults also threw soft and puffy snowballs inside of a building. No snow outside, just its precursor, on and off. It was a great night for lights and art. I shot this cat for the cat enthusiast having a birthday.

Zoo artist did this with lights.

(If you fancy a look at more of the WildLight shots, they’re up on Facebook.)

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