Sourdough, non-ordinary pancake

Delicate, lacy and sour

Time to use a starter began with a search through the Sourdough section of my handwritten recipe files. Nope, not this. Nope, not that. No, that doesn’t sound right either, and I don’t feel like making bread even though it’s supposed to be stormy on Friday, which means hearty soup and bread. Usually. This afternoon I decided it would be pancakes because the leftovers would suit during Formula 1 practice.

I grew up with buttermilk pancakes almost every Sunday. I don’t like them and never did with their mushy, tasteless middles. They have to be drowned in syrup to be edible, in my view. Sourdough pancakes, at least the recipe which I was given with my first “Klondike” starter in the early 1970s by a U. Dub medical school student, has no need for a syrup bath. It’s deliciously sour, but a bit of cream and sugar is mmm.

Daffodils with coral friends

P.S. The green note is my reminder that I’ve got starter covered in a bowl in the oven. Turning on the oven would be very unfriendly.

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