Snow prep: 3-Bean Turkey Chipotle Chili, Christmas Cranes in Seattle


Light ropes on the crane will be lit

While there’s usually lots of snow in the two mountain ranges in Washington State, where, in my opinion, it belongs, we also get some snow here at Seattle sea level during the season. Some years there’s hardly more than an occasional dusting and, rarely, we have deep snow. It used to be said that there were only six snow plows in all King County, and that one mechanic was enough to keep them running for umpteen years just changing their oil and spark plugs because they were seldom needed more than a few times yearly. I cannot vouch for the truth of that statement.

Beautiful cranes tower over Seattle (my fave daytime shot)
Moving bus does job of blurring lights for me

Predictions for this year in the lowlands? I don’t know. I wonder if Bob Cram, the former long-time Seattle cartoon-drawing weatherman, would suggest that the chance of being snowed-in this winter could as easily be determined by 10 weathermen taking a vote as it is by digital algorithms or almanacs or the width of stripes on the black-and-brown spike-haired caterpillars. (Hmm. I didn’t see any of them this year in Ballard. How does that tale go?)

This one appears to be written in a foreign language.

I do not like to be cold, so prefer to stay in when it snows. I love to watch it from the inside of windows and a warm place, although, like most here, I will venture out to feel and smell the first of it. However, when there’s threat of snow, it’s my time to prepare to stay in and not have to bother with grocery shopping for a few days. Today that meant an outing for fixings for the potful of chili which is almost ready for a small bowlful. I will express gratitude for the snow we’re expecting on Thursday because it means I will get to enjoy a bowl with this and that after it’s matured. (Chili isn’t “leftovers.”)


Seattle currently has more gigantic construction cranes that anywhere else in the country. I’ve been having fun photographing them to post on FB for a retired cousin who spent his life operating them and lives far away from here now. I took an afternoon bus ride into the city center this week, timing the trip home after sunset to get some shots of the cranes with Christmas lights on display. Perhaps some readers prefer the photo of the chili, though.

3-Bean Turkey Chipotle Chili



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