Welcoming College Football Season with Caramelized Onions

Yellow onions en route to caramelization

Welcoming the college football season and the three teams that I follow* all televised on channels readily available, I decided to spend the commercials and listening time in the kitchen, slicing onions and stirring them every few minutes as they slowly warmed in olive oil and turned to caramelized goodness in the cast iron frypan. What began as five big yellow onions filling the frypan ended as approximately one cup of caramelized  onion with maybe a half cup removed at the translucent stage for some red sauce and tomorrow’s Eggplant Parmesan Dip. Two cooking portions were frozen, one saved for the red sauce (because two onion flavors in red sauce makes for “Hard Red Sauce”) and one got an unexpected use.

A neighbor who sometimes makes her own corn tortillas sent a few of them over to me, all warm and fragrant, right about the time the onions were caramelized to my satisfaction, two hours after they were started. A treat and perfect snack was in order! Fresh tortillas with a spoonful of caramelized onion and a few drops of chili garlic sauce, rolled up and it was back to cheering Alabama trounce USC. Delicious.

2 hours later, minus 1/2 c. for a different sauce, caramelized goodness

*(1) University of Washington Huskies (where I got B.A. A man in my Arabic language classes played WR with QB Sonny Sixkiller and was responsible for one of the worst plays in Husky football history, but I won’t shame him further.) (2) Alabama Crimson Tide (because, just because.) (3) University of Oregon Ducks (because I have an old Duck football sweater that I try to sell on eBay every year, so I pay attention to their games for purposes of advertising. Otherwise, meh.)

And now, off to watch the DVR’d Formula 1 Monza. What a great weekend for my kind of sports!

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