In the kitchen with juliyya: Butterscotch Chewy Bars

Decorating the bar cookies

My eight year-old kitchen companion yesterday is heading off today to a family vacation where there will be boating and fishing and friends. Such occasions need cookies, she and I agreed. We discussed some possibilities before settling on this cookie which has no butter or margarine or shortening or oil and is made in a bowl with a wooden spoon rather than an electric mixer. Additionally, chocolate chips were out because of another person’s dietary limitations, but chocolate itself, she decided, would be used to decorate the individual cookies along with a single, attached butterscotch chip. I’d like to add here that the decorations were entirely her idea and she did the decorating with some quick chocolate icing I made for her. I was so, so proud of her work and her art. She also learned how to make a new kind of cookie and we both had a good afternoon.

Decorated Butterscotch Chewy Bars

This was thinking ahead:  counting the cookies and leaving off the chocolate decoration for the people who do not want chocolate, yet giving those cookies a decoration as well. Eight years old!

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