3 Loaves and some green things

Tres Loaves Tray
Tres Loaves Tray

Well, there are three loaves and there is a green tray. With lots of work going on in the back yard, men working in the heat, my sourdough starter unused for six weeks, what better than to exercise the starter and some muscles. A lovely 9″ loaf for each of us, mine shared with a neighbor and my portion with cold butter and leftover hummus, part of Mark’s dipped into hot tea and the rest saved to go with a hot sausage patty later, and Neal’s left until morning.

While they were rising, I popped outside with the camera to catch the light on a couple green things in the front yard.

Iris has gone to town
Iris has gone to town


Bluebells run wild
Bluebells run wild

and, because it’s unique, a big hunk of Kingdome rebar as art. See how it’s shaped like a falcon? And, naturally, there’s a bit of green amongst the steel. Pretty, isn’t it?

Kingdome Rebar Art
Kingdome Rebar Art Installation

That is SOME BIG REBAR under the gorgeous and ancient black walnut tree.

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