Salted Caramel Filled Cinnamon Snicks, From Frozen State

Five weeks ago I made a batch of the Cinnamon Snicks, those filled with salted caramel, delivered some to Grandma Pat along with some Peanut Butter Snicks also filled with salted caramel, and froze 15 of the filled Cinnamon Snick cookie dough balls. The purpose was to test whether the frozen dough balls, when baked, would retain the desirable characteristics of the cookies made from fresh dough. Why? To insure they would eventually make it into both the wholesale and retail product lines.

Today, the frozen became the baked and the end result, excepting the two in the photo, were delivered warm to my neighbors, a family of five with a special visitor here for a week. This is what they found before and after breaking one open.

Salted Caramel-filled Cinnamon Snick
Salted Caramel-filled Cinnamon Snick

Warm or cold, the caramel center stays gooey and the edges stay cinnamon crispy. ❤

5 thoughts on “Salted Caramel Filled Cinnamon Snicks, From Frozen State

  1. the cookies you brought to my debate watch party may have been some of the most amazing that I’ve ever had, ever. the perfect cookie, the perfect filling, the perfect everything. I would buy these, no question.


    1. Thank you, Mari. I thought that yours was the best debate watch party ever. Friendly, casual and fun with attentive people who care about helping to move this great country forward instead of backward. I’m so happy to have been there.


  2. I was so excited to have you! FYI, I’m working to figure out why the Bernie site cancelled my event on their website, but I’m still having the watch party!! Same place, same directions, please do still come – anytime after 5pm!! 🙂


  3. I thought it was FANTASTIC having you!! FYI, I’m working on figuring out why the Bernie site deleted my event for this coming saturday, but I”m still hosting and I’d still love to have you nonetheless. It’s this saturday, debate starts at 6, people can arrive any time after 5. Same location!! Can’t wait to see you!!


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