Merry Christmas 1st Tin Out

Four types of goodies this year in Mother’s tin

The numbering of the last few posts is directly related to the number of Christmas goodies this year. I’ve sent Mother’s off in the post today. She’ll be delighted, as usual, but also because she’s declared that she will not be baking this year because she doesn’t feel like it. My hunch is that she’ll bake something, but she’ll have her own stash in a couple days from me and the others who share with her.


The only item in the tin which is not covered in a separate post is the Mini Teacakes with Roasted Pecans.  Those have a historical blog post. There’s also the new Cinnamon Spice Butter Cookies, the new Seattle Espresso Salted Caramels and the Peanut Butter Maple Fudge. Unfortunately, the first seasonal cookie, Chocolate Mint Cookie Balls can’t travel by USPS, so she lucked out on that one.

Nevermind. I didn’t need to make 15 types of goodies for Christmas anyway. I’ve done it in the past because I wanted to do it and I could spend three days and nights baking so everything would be fresh. These are fresh. Now, a baking holiday instead of more holiday baking.

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