Walnut and Caramel Rolls

Sourdough rolls with walnuts, brown sugar, cinnamon & butter

We made rolls similar to these at home following the publication of a recipe somewhere for what I called Swedish Pedal Rolls. Petal. Probably one of the annual recipe contests for which the booklets are found in the supermarket checkout lines. The dough was one of those sweet, eggy types. After rising, hunks are rolled into logs, dipped into butter, rolled into a mix of brown sugar, cinnamon and nuts, baked and drizzled with a plain vanilla glaze, just a little. This variation uses a plain sourdough, not sweet, no egg, white whole wheat and bread flour and masses of walnuts. It makes for a chewy roll inside and out. See? I got out the cribbage board, but we watched the Billboard Awards instead. Warm rolls, a cup of tea and the house is fragrant with scents of  baked bread and cinnamon.

Warm Walnut and Caramel Rolls, Sourdough Bread & Cribbage

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