Art as Food 2

Still Life, Bottle and Fruits, Unsigned

Capturing the impression of light as it hits glass and fruit is one test of an artist’s still life paintings, to me. To some artists, it is merely the final touches of paint to the painting, to some a highlight, to others a reward for the work precedent. It is attention to detail in all cases.

This painting captured the light and the dark equally well. The small swipe of dark paint from the palette to the bottle top is as important as the ivory accent on the plated pear. Attention to details.

Same thing goes for cooking and baking. While I love the confines and precision of baking, I also like running amok or, more properly, cooking amok. Dump and pour cooking, my grandmother and many others I’ve heard call it. Some of this, some of that and, luckily, a palate that can sort out the details. Palate attention.

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