Pumpkin Spice Joneses, One Variation

Pumpkin Spice Joneses, One Variety
juliyya’s Pumpkin Spice Joneses, One Variety

It’s the season for pumpkin, the savory and the sweet. We see pumpkins in big piles at the grocery stores and some of us start jonesing for a familiar taste. I hear about pumpkin this and pumpkin that, pumpkin spice in a latte, pumpkin soup, pumpkin couscous and my inner baker reminds me that it’s time for my original Pumpkin Spice Joneses, another of my soft, iced cookie line. I usually make them for the larger family gatherings at Thanksgiving, but for the last couple years and again this year, there will not be one of those. I miss seeing all my little grand nieces and nephew, but a bitter divorcee has robbed many of us of the opportunity for that pleasure.

Nevertheless, I had the pumpkin, there are plenty of willing tasters and I wanted to try a different icing this year.  My cousin AliceMarie sent me some cinnamon chips from a little shop in Rigby, Idaho and I’d been contemplating how I might use them. It’s my practice to build cookie trios, three that are related in some obvious manner, but different. Pumpkin Spicy Joneses have had two different icings until today, a penuche icing and a fresh orange icing. Today, I made a Brown Sugar Cream Cheese Icing and then decorated the cookies with a Cinnamon Cream Swirl. Cinnamon chips, who knew?

Cookie Card, as always, a cookie card
Cookie Card, as always, a cookie card

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