Eggplant, Red Bell, Onion, Yukon Gold and Bacon Chipotle Frittata

The fixins
The fixins

Deciding what to make for dinner on a night when my daughter leaves the big city for a night 17 miles away to hang out with her mum is easy. She enjoys most everything I make for her and always has, but doesn’t enjoy spending hours in the kitchen as I do. Nevertheless, she will be able to read these posts and put dishes together if she feels moved.

Sometimes I plan ahead and sometimes I wing it. Today I saw a gorgeous eggplant in the grocery store and some baby Yukon Gold potatoes and the inspiration was instant. I already had yellow onion, a red bell pepper and bacon. A quick spray of olive oil, some salt and pepper on the sliced eggplant and potatoes is enough to roast them until golden at 400 degrees, the eggplant for half an hour, the potatoes for 20 minutes.

While the vegetables were roasting, I cooked the bacon, drained the fat, browned the onion and red bell pepper in that pan with the crispy bits.

I layered potato, onion and red bell and eggplant, then crumbled the bacon generously over the eggplant. I whisked some eggs with salt, pepper, coriander powder and a whole chopped chipotle with a bit of adobo sauce, poured that over everything, sprinkled the top with a little bit of parm and baked it for 25 minutes. The result:

Eggplant Chipotle Frittata
Eggplant Chipotle Frittata

Served with some seasonal clementines … making Friday night frittata great again.

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