Sourdough Saturday: Flatbread & Walnut Sticks

Two sourdough starters in the fridge need regular tending, so with a bit of this and that in the fridge I decided to bake three items. The sourdough flatbread was first spread with warm, just-caramelized yellow onions, a bit of ham pieces and crumbled cheddar-jack left from one of the protein snacks. Notice the attention … More Sourdough Saturday: Flatbread & Walnut Sticks

Make Snickerdoodles and Sourdough Bread Great Again

I went to a friendly debate-watching party on October 13th put on by Mari, a member of Bernie Sanders’ local campaign organization in Snohomish County, Washington. There were small house parties in several locations. The one I went to was about a half mile walk, and 16 people of the 25 who RSVP’d showed up. It was … More Make Snickerdoodles and Sourdough Bread Great Again