j’s Lemon Snicks varieties for Mother’s Day

Previous post concerned only my new Lemon Snicks with Honey Caramel Accents, top right corner of this photo. Directly below is the result of putting Regular Caramel into the Lemon Snick. In the middle, Lemon Snicks are accented with Raspberry Tidbits Baking Chips sent to me by my sweet cousin in Idaho. On the left, … More j’s Lemon Snicks varieties for Mother’s Day

Honey Caramels

Last year I posted about making molasses caramels * and then using the caramels for filling Ginger Snicks ** and burbling out of Fruity Bran Muffins. *** After success with the molasses in multiple baking uses, I determined to next make honey caramels. Again, that determination included no corn syrup. Sugar and honey and butter … More Honey Caramels