Tomato & Basil Soup for Ms. Delicate

Boomer smelling the flowers and blocking the light

A friend read in a Facebook post that I’d found a way, while presently in a very delicate dental circumstance, to have tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwich (in my mind) by melting sharp cheddar in the soup and soaking the crumbled soda crackers in it. It just so happens that he’s one of two chefs at a local private school who teaches students some culinary skills including how to make some fantastic tomato-basil soup. The students are motivated to cook and bake, sign up and their parents pay for the classes, which reach capacity each term.

Down, thank you. Look at that beautiful red soup.

Home Economics isn’t required like it was when I was growing up. Soups? I remember the first soup that I made in high school Home Economics too, Pennsylvania Dutch Tomato and Corn Chowder. I still like that soup, but I think the tomato-basil is tastier. It’s my favorite soup.  He gave me some. Look at this:

Don’t you want some?

I had to puree it, then had some cold, reminding me of gazpacho without the chopped celery and cucumber. Then I heated a bowl without the cheese and soda crackers. Yum. Those kids are learning to make some fantastic food.

Bee happy.

I’m happy. Thanks for the super soup.

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