Next: Peanut Butter & Honey Cookies


What? Peanut butter cookie for the Christmas mix? Nope. These are peanut butter and honey, a different cookie almost entirely. Again, one of my mother’s favorite hide-a-ways.

Hmm. That’s 2 foggy photos today, but I say nah, don’t get camera out again tonight.

Christmas cookies and candies, when I’m the decider, are about different flavors and textures but now I consider the shortened length of my kitchen time, both in number of days and number of hours in the day.

This year, I’m leaving out ALL the Joneses. They don’t travel well in the post to Mother and Idaho, and the “locals” get them during the year. I have a new Jones in mind, but have postponed its entrance to the world and its cookie family until one of my nieces is forced to travel NW because of her work. We’ll all have that cookie at the same time.

My daughter is still abroad with work and in pursuit of an advanced degree, so I’ve also left out most of her favorites from the rotation. Still, there’s plentiful goodies coming out of my kitchen and into tins today and in the next couple days. Shipping via USPS has to be on Wednesday. Then I’m making one more cookie that couldn’t travel by post; they will need to be refrigerated when they get to their destinations.

Drawing by one of my young friends.

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