Art as Food 1

Tea Scene by H
Tea Scene by H

Eye appeal is an important feature of food as well as art, and sometimes the food featured in a painting is the focal point. Sometimes it as mysterious as someone else’s entree passing by one’s table at a restaurant on the wait staff tray. What is that?

When I bought this painting a number of years ago, I imagined myself sitting in a chair with a cup of tea and a saucer in my hand, looking out the opened window at the garden, the wispy lace curtains moving gently in the breeze. The muted colors allow one to sink into the moment, no focal point.

But what’s in the bowl? What fruit on the other side? Many cups of tea and I’ve still not figured it out, nor the name of the artist, who only signed it “H” and whom I thank for this piece of art as food. Artful food for thought.

Click on the photo to see larger size and imagine yourself with a cup of tea in that setting.

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